Improve memory Kinesthetic Listening


Do it with ping pong and paddle one handed mostly weak hand. Walk backwards mostly and on balance board. Doing good. Last 17 minutes did memory book games in book did ok.


I’m fasting while doing this one.  It’s been a few days as I wanted to be sure to be healthy when doing this. (I’ll experiment with illness and kinesthetic listening later).  Gyms opened up today and I went.  Did a semi intense lower body workout.  I am also doing fasting.  I jacked up the bone conduction all the way.  Big mistake but proof of it’s affect:  My digestive system did a (delete word) storm!  Need to turn it down when fasting.  But after a break and a good half hour — feeling good and on #5 Sensory and Motor, feeling results more.  It’s kicking in!