neuroplasticity and ice hockey

What I am hoping to help with Kinesthetic Listening:

I have taken two years off of hockey. It ended up being one of the worst decisions in my life. Through mental training and sticking with the discipline of intermittent fasting, I have overcome (and reversed) Type 2 Diabetes, Stage 2 Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia.

I returned to hockey. It’s painful. My brain is not working. Reaction time is slow and causing innacurate passes, shooting and coordinating the skating and stickhandling. I have been foggy in the brain lately. Cognitive function slow and executive function is poor.

Other non brain weaknesses: Muscle fatigue after losing much muscle during the pandemic lockdown. With my body fat low, my oxygen seems better but my explosive power is at the level of a 5 year old mite player.

My play is disorganized and I have balance issue on my strong right side.