I missed one day but continued today.

I started out using the Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set – Punching Ball on String fighter’s use for hand eye coordination.

I added in a balance board. Having a hard time on my right side with balance which is my natural strong side. I think it’s leg discrepancy due to my back/hip/leg. Back injury keeps pulling one side higher. Must get that fixed. For now, I will compensate with brain on here which probably is not a good idea for ice skating.

I then added in one eye open and punching the ball. Transfer one eye to the other. One hand to the other. The set I recommend (because it can be adjusted for different sizes and it inexpensive but does the job well) is this from Amazon:

It’s called: Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set – Punching Ball on String Adjustable Two Difficulty Level for Training Box Fight MMA Equipment Hand Eye Coordination Speed Reaction with Hand Wraps for Kids and Adults.

I then did the one legged “figure skater” on the balance board. I added in more hitting the ball with that which was difficult for me to keep balance. I will need to work hard on this. I did a easier version of this and it was better.

TODAY: Not bad. I did seem to have more focus and more need to focus. Then fatigued after a couple hours of work. This could also be from overtraining from the weekend. Two heavy hockey games I was not in a proper condition yet to play in.